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Brand Re-generation In The 50+ Space: Why It’s Important

We train brands to re-imagine and re-generate in the hugely profitable but under-appreciated, over-stereotyped 50+ space:

  • The world’s 3rd largest economy: only the U.S. itself and China are bigger.
  • Owners of 83% of U.S. household wealth (AARP).
  • America’s best customers – accounting for over half of all retail sales, including automobiles.

Despite this enormous buying power, most brands over-invest in the 18-49 demographic instead. Outside the financial, health and aging sectors, less than 10% of the advertising spend is allocated to directly and specifically targeting consumers and influencers aged 50-plus (Nielsen).

With 4 million Generation Xers turning fifty every year, this restrictive policy makes less sense than ever. It’s time for brands to move to the next stage.

Brand Re-generation In The 50+ Space: The Comfortable Myths Are Wrong

Neglecting the 50+ space is the conventional thing and – conveniently – justified by comfortable myths. All are wrong. All limit brand profitability.

  • Myth #1: Buying behavior is static not adaptive – old habits and loyalties inhibit switching
  • Myth #2: The 50-plus are easy to influence via traditional media and messaging
  • Myth #3: Image problems – depicting older people in advertising drives young buyers away.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Boomer / neXt Generation™ grew up vibrant, optimistic, constantly re-inventing in response to societal and technological change and eager to embrace the future.

Far from lapsing into inflexibility, they are America’s most adaptable generation of consumers and influencers – still gazing out over the horizon to whatever comes next.

Brand Re-generation In The 50+ Space: The Boomer / neXt USP

Boomer / neXt Certified™ professionals are age-appropriate to the audience: they live in Boomer world themselves, know the hidden dynamics of their own generation and are fluent in the nuanced dialect of Boomer-speak. And all have completed an intensive proprietary certification program of re-immersion in the encyclopedic Boomer experience. Our brand re-generation training services reflect this unique skill set:

  • More persuasive advertising – messaging, context and brand positioning.
  • More relevant product design – beyond form and function to symbolism and metaphor.
  • More proactive planning – independent analysis of current strategies and emerging trends.
  • More revealing segmentation – proprietary techniques that open the portal to innovation.
  • More honest consumer research older consumers are more frank within their own age group.

In addition to custom engagements, Boomer / neXt seminars, workshops, syndicated surveys and white papers train marketers and advertisers to re-generate and win in Boomer-world.

For those who did not personally experience this world, these are essential first steps to success.


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