Welcome to Boomer / neXt, the 50+ audience arm of VizioNation, a consultancy teaching how generationally differentiated socio-cultural imprinting shapes not only consumers’ subconscious perceptions but also those embedded in the inner minds of the marketers and advertisers who seek to engage and persuade them.

Brands must either learn these hidden mechanisms or accept destinies beyond their control.

Training Brands to Reimagine the U.S. 50+ Demographic and Grow

Most brands underperform in the U.S. over-50 demographic. Unwilling or unable to pursue active engagement, their policy is to settle for the comfortable and passive status quo. 

Boomer / neXt trains innovative managers to rethink their advertising and product strategies and boost sales in the over-stereotyped, under-appreciated 50+ U.S. consumer space.

Home to 118 million consumers, it is the world’s 3rd largest economy, yet less than 10% of the national ad spend goes to actively competing for its business due to clichês and caricatures of consumers over 50 as:

  • Set in their ways, unwilling to switch brands or behavior
  • Easily retained by campaigns designed for the 18-49 demo
  • Toxic to brand image among younger prospects

Boomer / neXt seminars, publications and advisory services help communications, product and UX decision makers to move past these barriers and take share from incurious competitors.

Seminars are priced from $10,000 per organization; license publications and reports from $950. In addition, select content and a monthly newsletter are available free of charge.

Marketing Culture: Out of Step With America’s Best Customers

Marketers are awash in data but most are generationally distanced from the hidden socio-cultural programming of the people who buy over half of all U.S. consumer goods and services.

A cultural disconnect separates most brand teams from authentic everyday life in the 50-plus demographic:

  • A majority of ad agency creatives are in their 20s/30s
  • 90% of ad industry staffers aged 40 are out by age 49
  • Only 5-10% of marketing professionals survive to age 50

So, as consumers enter high-spending midlife, their marketing counterparts disappear. Inevitably, brand cultures drift out of step with the culture of their best customers and with the silent symbolic languages in which they communicate and make purchase decisions.

Three Generations Drive the World’s #3 Economy

As Gen Xers, Boomers and Pre-Boomers transition through life, their imprinted personal, societal and brand perspectives – constantly updating and evolving – travel with them.

Running quietly in the background of each generation’s operating system are lines of socio-cultural code laid down year by year by the fast-changing mass consumer society in which it lives. This silent software shapes brand perceptions – subconsciously, in ways that mislead younger outsiders.

Three connected generations drive the world’s #3 economy:

  • 29.5 million Gen Xers, the Boomers’ younger siblings, arriving at a rate of 4 million annually through 2030
  • 68 million Baby Boomers born 1946-1964 – the parents and primary influencers of the Millennials
  • 20.5 million Pre-Boomers; about half – born 1940-1945 – identify as Boomers due to shared societal experience

This vast economy is too big to ignore and too ripe with opportunity for brands to passively settle for “a fair share.” But to succeed, marketers must jettison obsolete conventions about consumers over 50 and learn how imprinting has silently programmed their inner minds, perceptions and priorities. 

Rethink Horizons: Boomer / neXt Seminars and Publications

Our immersive one day seminar 60 Is the New 60 helps marketers rethink the 50+ space, re-generate and grow brand share through authentic communication and product strategies. 

  • Resolving disconnects: most marketers live in, and are imprinted by, the cultures of the 18-49 demographic while the embedded programming of Boomers and older Gen Xers involves a deeper portfolio of seminal reference points and longer, more complex timelines. 
  • How the generations in the 50+ arena got to be the way they are and why – despite their youthful mindset – 60-year-olds are still 60 in terms of their complex embedded brand perceptions.
  • Priced from $10,000 per organization: click for details, licensing terms and conditions.

Boomer / neXt offers the following publications and reports in 2021, priced from $950: visit Seminars & Publications for details – and sign up our free monthly newsletter.

  • Report: Humble American Cupholders vs. European Autos
  • Report: Generation X: Misunderstood  eXiles on Main Street
  • Report: Crossing the Chasm to the World’s #3 Economy
  • Report: Frontiers of Boomer Culture: The Granola Bar, The Running Shoe and The SUV
  • Report: Brand Courtship In the 50+ Demo: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Report/Case Study: Volkswagen, Cadillac and the Failure of Thinking Small In the 50+ Demographic

Boomer / neXt is the 50+ audience arm of VizioNation, a consultancy teaching how generationally differentiated socio-cultural imprinting shapes consumers’ subconscious perception. From Gen Z to Millennials, Gen X, the Boomers and Pre-Boomers, no brand is immune from the silent forces of generational imprinting. Visit VizioNation here.

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