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This ain’t our first rodeo

With offices in Boulder, Colorado, and New York, Boomer / neXt is a national network of age-appropriate professional consultants, communications experts, market researchers and strategists who train brands to re-imagine and re-generate in the 50+ space.

This ain’t our first rodeo.

We’ve all been around the track a time or two in virtually every sector of the economy, working with some of the smartest brands out there. We’re straightforward, independent and we know our business.

And we connect with everyday folk in Boomer-world because that’s where we have lived all our lives. Not just as executives, consultants and entrepreneurs, but as consumers too – when it comes to brands, technologies, products and services we’ve been constantly comparing, trying, switching, being delighted, being disappointed and learning throughout our careers.

Boomer / neXt Certification™

Brands do not operate in a vacuum.

How they are perceived is not only about their latest products and marketing campaigns but also the context of history. For consumers in the 50+ space this involves a far longer timeline and a far more complex experience than for younger buyers and those just entering the market.

The unique Boomer / neXt Certification™ program is a proprietary, in-depth accreditation process our consultants complete to enhance their own expertise with a systematized re-immersion in Boomer-world dynamics.

The Boomer / neXt Team




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