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Generational Imprinting Is Brand Destiny: How VW Accidentally Helped the Boomers Revolutionalize the Luxury Car Market

Generational imprinting drives destiny for brands in virtually all product categories and segments. Understanding embedded legacies is key to avoiding hidden pitfalls and maximizing opportunity.

This report examines the automotive arena, where these dynamics involve unusually long and complex socio-cultural timelines. It reveals how Volkswagen imprinted attitudes in Boomers and Gen Xers which accidentally dethroned not only itself – to the benefit of Toyota – but Cadillac, to the benefit of Lexus. Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Tesla.

Far from being ancient history, these hidden dynamics still drive decisions. They scuttled Cadillac’s 2015 Dare Greatly relaunch and will impact the outcome of Volkswagen’s attempts to link upcoming electric vehicles to the brand’s hippie and Herbie heritage.

Consumers in the 50+ space already purchase over half the new vehicles sold in the U.S., and their share is growing. As younger people enter the market, they are inevitably – and unwittingly – influenced by the imprinted markers laid down by their older Gen X siblings and Boomer parents.

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Free Reports and Content

Crossing The Chasm to the World’s 3rd Largest Economy

A powerful Boomer / neXt analysis that will change the way brands think about the amazing market beyond the 18-49 demographic.

Chasm_Mid-century MadMen 19We expand Geoffrey Moore’s ionic Chasm Theory to help decision-makers re-think, re-imagine, re-generate and grab market share beyond the 18-49 demographic – the 119 million Americans aged 50-plus who represent the world’s 3rd largest economy behind the U.S. itself and China.

Although they account for half the nation’s consumer expenditures, they receive less than 10% of the national ad spend because old Mad Men era thinking claims they no longer adapt and damage brand image among the young. Equally as challenging is the Ageist Chasm that blocks the way to understanding and authentic engagement of Boomers and older Gen Xers.

The report details the enormous price brands pay for their lack of curiosity and sets Visionaries and mavericks on their way across the chasm ahead of the herd.

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Free Fast Facts & Photos from Vizionation

Vizionation is a Boomer / neXt sister company publishing high value, low cost inter-generational reports.

These photo-documented surveys, analyzed in the context of industry and government data and socio-economic trends, focus on topics that fall outside regular market intelligence programs to serve as idea starters and horizon stretchers.

Full Vizionation reports are available on a licensed subscriber basis, but selected fast facts and photos are also offered free on request:

American Women, American Dreams

Visions of the American Dream ebb, flow and change from decade to decade, century to century.

America has generally been seen as the land of abundance, a cornucopia of consumerism, but
some observers say that the American Dream is fragile and fading, challenged by rising inequality, stagnant wages, stunted intergenerational mobility and a host of other societal and cultural factors.

And consistently since 2003, only a minority of Americans have felt the U.S. has been moving in the right direction (source: NBC News / WSJ Poll).

So, we asked 1,000+ American women to show what “The American Dream” means to them with selfies and a survey. We found 70% say they have either achieved already it or are confident they will – but how they define and experience The Dream is both surprising and heart-warming.

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An Inside View: Car Interior Scenes & Secrets

This highly visual report is written for automakers, suppliers, UX and product planners, brand marketers, and advertisers.

At 230 pages, it blends survey data from 600 Millennial and Gen X drivers, 100 in-depth excavations utilizing a proprietary Interior Archaeology technique and an unprecedented photo gallery of 1,200 in-the-moment vehicle and lifestyle images.

Vizionation humanizes the data with expert analysis that includes the socio-cultural backstory behind driver behavior – and misbehavior – that transforms transportation into challenging mobile habitats.

The full study is only available to licensed subscribers only, but CLICK for free snapshots …

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