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Brand re-generation seminars: time for brands to pause and reflect

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect” (Mark Twain).

The mainstream brand majority believes consumer adaptability peters out at age 50, that they are easy to persuade via conventional media and their presence in advertising turns off younger prospects.

On the other hand, pretty much everyone in the business knows the 111 million American consumers aged 50-plus represent the world’s 3rd largest economy after the U.S. itself and China, and own over 80% of U.S. household net worth.

Clearly, it is time for brands to pause and reflect – and to re-imagine and re-generate in the 50+ space.

Boomer / neXt conducts Brand Re-generation seminars and workshops to help disruptives leap the conventional wisdom chasm and increase brand share at the expense of lethargic competitors. Partial agenda:

  • Leaping the chasm … rethinking the challenge of engaging Boomer / neXt
  • Authenticity  immersion in Boomer-world as experienced by those who live in it
  • Pathways … how Boomer / neXt became America’s most adaptable generation
  • Segments and tribes … Boomer / neXt unifiers and differentiators
  • Trendlines … economic, social and cultural evolution – past, present and what’s next
  • Adaptability … Channeling adaptability for new concepts, products and technologies
  • Messaging … how to access inner minds and hidden triggers for smarter communications

Syndicated surveys and white papers for visionaries: an unfair advantage

The Boomer / neXt generation grew up in a world created by visionaries. Everywhere we looked there were symbols of a progressive America, upbeat and focused on the future – it is no surprise our generation was inspired to produce its own visionaries and shape the 21st century experience.

Visionary is also the theme of Boomer / neXt syndicated surveys and white papers, published four to six times a year. Stimulating creative curiosity, they give advertising agencies and brand managers innovative input on 50-plus consumer dynamics in key product categories.

Of course, the Big Idea of brand re-generation in the 50+ space is disruptive – only the daring will adopt it. Late-comers will complain the winners had an unfair advantage, but that’s the Boomer / neXt mission – creating unfair advantages for those who can imagine new destinations.

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