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“Deny if you can the desire to roam new roads … Take off from the crowded highway, the mob is not for you. Seek the unspoiled spots and strange scenes.” Jeepster, 1949


Our seminars and publications immerse brand leaders in the the unspoiled spots and strange scenes that shape consumers’ private inner minds decades, even generations, after they were first embedded.

Neither traditional surveys nor data science fully reveal the silent, subtle socio-cultural software that influence generational attitudes, motivations and buying behavior in our fast-changing mass consumer society.

We teach unconventional thinkers to use this powerful programming to seize brand share from those who cling to conformity.


One Day Seminar: 60 Is the New 60

Reimagining the 50-plus demographic – too big to ignore, too diverse to stereotype

Convention claims 117 million U.S. consumers over 50 are stuck in their ways and damage brand image; apologists say 60 is the new 40.  In reality, a cultural chasm separates most brands from the 50+ space


60 Is the New 60 guides attendees across chasm to the 50+ arena, where …

  • Three differently imprinted generations live, work, interact, recreate              AND constantly adapt, but on their own terms because 60 is the new 60
  • Half of all U.S. consumer expenditures are made
  • Generational dynamics, not age, are the key to engagement
  • Most brands, while espousing diversity fear overt connections
  • Marketing is created by people out of touch with the over-50 life stage
  • Millions are offended by advertisers’ sins of commission and omission 
  • Brands often misjudge how their own histories intersect the present

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One Day Seminar: Marketing to Midlife Millennials

How Boomer and Gen X imprinting influences brand destinies among aging Millennials  

After two decades of clickbait cachet, Millennials are proving the “experts” wrong by embracing normalcy, forming couples/families, buying new vehicles, moving to suburbs. What’s old is new again.


Marketing to Midlife Millennials: how older generations shape their choices.

  • Most Millennials grew up as children of Boomers (b. 1946-1964)
  • As adolescents their influencers were often Gen Xers (b. 1965-1981)
  • Entering midlife, latent Boomer/X imprinting – rooted in distant 20th              century dynamics – now surfaces to subtly shade Millennial decisions            … CPGs to durables, choices are colored by mom/dad input and bias
  • But it’s not the 90s any more: their parents’ software is heavily updated        … despite media/marketer myths, the 50+ demo is not frozen in time
  • QED: to engage Millennials, brands must first decode Boomers/Xers

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New uncrowded destinations

Innovative insights for daring decision makers … escape conformity, leverage generational programming and steal brand share from the laggards.


Focus: Learn socio-cultural imprinting and increase sales. Top topics:

  • Generation X: eXiles on Main Street
  • American Women, American Dreams
  • Brand Courtship: Winning and Losing Affection in the 50+ Demo 
  • Crossing the Chasm to the World’s 3rd Largest Economy
  • Frontiers of Boomer Culture: Granola Bars, Running Shoes & SUVs
  • Car Interior Scenes & Secrets: Millennial/Gen X Driver Study
  • How Cadillac and VW Both Lost Millennials by Misreading Imprinting
  • Culture Clash: Cupholders vs. German Car Companies

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